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The “KOOLEST” Chef Coats ….

Anyone who works in the culinary industry understands how hot it gets in any kitchen, regardless of season. As a result, we always have Chef’s reaching out to us as they continue to seek a variety of styles and options.

Over the last few years, it is mesh back chef coats that have become one of the most popular chef’s ordered by chefs. Short or long sleeved, moisture wicking, more fashion-forward designs and a larger color palette all have all been added to our offerings to satisfy even the most specific and discerning chef for him/herself and his/her kitchen staff. Some mesh back coats are the standard chef coat weight of 7.5 oz. and others are more lightweight, and several ounces less.

This is type of fabric absorbs moisture, sweat and perspiration from the skin and moves it to the exterior of the coat. Moreover it improves the comfort of the coat. In the kitchen, the temperatures usually vary from humid to hot and this fabric is perfect because of its ability to react to both situations.  We suggest that you stop imagining and take a look at mesh back chef coats, the “koolest” chef coats which will keep you cool in the kitchen.

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